Attention all intelligent,

Courageous, successful women

 Intelligent, courageous, successful woman” describes YOU perfectly but there is that missing piece. It’s the thing that you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s the thing that leaves you feeling frustrated, failed and incomplete.

You are so tired of feeling “stuck” and disconnected, and you can’t figure it out alone.
Let me ask you a few questions?

  • Are you keeping yourself so “busy” and “distracted” with your business that you don’t have time to focus on how lonely or unsatisfying your personal relationships have become?
  • Are you intentionally preoccupied and immersed in your “stuff” so you don’t have to focus on your relationship or lack of one?
  • Are you confused and sick of searching to find what is missing in your life, so you’ve just given up and immersed yourself in WORK?

Let me also ask you “WHAT IF”…YOU COULD CHANGE ALL THAT?
What if …you could add PASSION, PLEASURE AND POSSIBILITY in all areas of your life?
WHAT IF… you were connected to your deepest heart’s desire and everything you wanted flowed right to you?

You deserve it all…and you can have it all.

Now is your turn to ask me HOW?

I’ve created an incredible twelve week group coaching program that I know you’ll want in on. It’s not your “typical- dull-same- old- relationship coaching’ kind of program.  It’s unique in that YOU will discover how it is possible to have it all. It will become clear how YOU can do what you love, live your life purpose, and nurture a passionate relationship without sacrifice.

My program begins on November 10 and runs through the holiday season, which can be a challenging time for the “busy”, intelligent, courageous and successful woman.   Wouldn’t this be a great way to start your New Year?

Participation in this fun, innovative program will help you uncover your missing piece, whatever it is for you. During this 12 week journey I will help you discover and look at your life differently.

This 12 week program is titled:


That’s because in 12 weeks you’ll discover that PASSION, PLEASURE and POSSIBILITY can and will exist in every area of your life – your business and your relationships.

In just 12 weeks:

  • You will achieve a RESULT that is totally different than you ever imagined.
  • You will experience how it is to play the game of life by accepting and deciding  what you really want.  You will be using this supportive and safe environment to test out living your life in a way that’s more fulfilling.
  • You will let go of playing the same old game.  You’ll experience a down to earth, forward movement in your life.  It will be done in a fun, flirtatious way that you will help you discover what you want. The best part that you will achieve your goal  and finally satisfy the cravings of your heart!


Is it still sounding a little too scary?

It’s okay. Anything worth having can seem scary and challenging.  However, that very fear you are facing, is the very thing that will bring you closer to a whole new way of being.

With your courage intact, a great plan of action, and loving support from a group program and a dedicated mentor … you will have a different experience. You will learn to be playful and have fun while you realize what is possible for you.

"The Fulfillment Factor gave me a new level of awareness about the reasons for my relationship history. Michelle has a deep and clear understanding of the hidden dynamics that have kept me and others like me single and lonely, and she pulls it all together in a way that makes both head and heart sense. For the first time in a long while I feel hopeful again about creating a life of more fulfillment and attracting the partner my heart desires."

L.A. Oregon

KEEP READING IF YOU ARE A PASSIONATE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRITED WOMAN, who is immersed solely in her business but lacking the passion to feel fulfilled.

KEEP READING IF YOU ARE SEEKING TO CONNECT TO YOUR DEEPEST HEART’S DESIRE and have everything you have ever wanted, loving relationships, loving business, loving life. You want to feel the PLEASURE of having everything you want flow right to you without struggle.

KEEP READING IF YOU have so much potential but have lost the ability to see your  POSSIBILITY.


I have walked this same path.
I hid from love.
I was lonely and unfulfilled.
No amount of  work success could satisfy my soul.
I immersed myself in work and things that didn’t matter.
In my relationships, I made it all about the other person.
I felt out of control over the situations in my life.

Then something changed within myself and I was able to look at my life from a whole new perspective. When you get to the core of your issues, face your fears and challenges, you come out the other side with renewed clarity.   

This 12 week program is unique.  We will focus on three areas in your life, passion, pleasure and possibility.

Here’s how it works:


  • Awaken your sensual self
  • Emerge as an “irresistible”, attractive and confident woman
  • Courageously go after what you want
  • Really own and identify who you are, what you want and what you value
  • Discover and become who you really are
  • Learn how to balance the passion within your business, your relationship and your life


  • Experience the results of allowing yourself the freedom to have fun and connect with your passion
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and  welcome every opportunity to grow
  • Bring meaning and aliveness to your life
  • Let go and be present and alive
  • Don’t stop until you have it all


  • Be confident that your possibilities are limitless
  • Get ready to step out, show up and hold onto yourself in a way that allows you to release the failed relationships and disappointments
  • Accept and live in awareness that you can have it all
  • Build the necessary skills to take you from where you are hiding to where you are shining

"It seems when we finally found you, we were 99% divorced and 1% married.  Words can never express my gratitude for the life lessons that you have helped me learn.  You have a great way of remembering every little detail as well as recounting conversations that were weeks or months ago.  You always remembered where we left off.

Thank you for helping me shift my perspective on Lisa.  Thank you for giving me permission to pursue my dreams.  Well, thanks for helping me find them, I should say. 

Our counseling with you was amazing.  Paul and I have learned a completely new set of skills for communicating.  We are more respectful of each other’s person.  We don’t take things so personally.  We are both free to be the people we choose to be.  We understand that marriage is work and joy.  That for every emotion there will be an equal and opposite emotion …. And that is okay. 

I can say nothing short of … you helped save our marriage.  I am eternally grateful that our family is intact and growing and loving each other every day.  We continue to love each other more as well as love the children for who they are, not for who we want them to be. 

It has been a joy and pleasure to work with you.  You have enriched my/our life in immeasurable ways."

Lisa Neumann,


Even the most successful, intelligent business women need support, a big -push and life-lift. It often takes others to point out what we cannot see. This intimate group experience gives you all the loving support you need. You’ll be able to open up in a safe environment. It will allow you to see your issues from a different perspective. Witnessing and helping other women struggling with the same challenges offers the opportunity to push past your own blocks and fears.

Put these 3 pieces (passion, pleasure and possibility) together and you will:

  1. Experience the joy of fulfilling your heart’s desire
  2. remove fears and blocks and open your heart to intimacy
  3. become irresistible in every aspect of your life, business and personal
  4. be able to hold onto relationships that are meaningful and let go of those that are toxic
  5. have it all~ a rewarding successful business, an intimate successful relationship and a life filled with LOVE


Here’s what you get when you participate in the program:

      • LIVE CALLS: 24 calls through out the program!!
          • CONTENT CALLS: 30-45 minute content calls:

          (Tuesdays at 5:30pm PST, 6:30pm MST, 8:30pm EST )
          These content rich calls will focus on a specific part of the curriculum and fun tips to get you through the week. (Don’t worry! If you miss the call, you’ll get the recording)

          • Q & A CALLS: 30-45 minute question/answer calls: You can ask anything!

          (Thursdays at noon PST, 1pm MST, 3pm EST ).  Email your questions or call in live.

      • PRIVATE ONLINE FORUM Access to an invitation only online forum.  This forum will be moderated by me and my team. Active participation, networking, sharing, fun and interaction with a group of like minded individuals.
      • A REALLY HOT “HOT SEAT” It happens once every four weeks. You apply to be in the “hot seat” and when you’re picked you are the focus of the call.
      • BONUS GIFTS:

        • A copy of the Fulfillment Factor Series (valued at $147.00)
        • Private session with Michelle to jump start your journey to Passion, Pleasure & Possibility (value $375)
        • SSHHHH!!!! There are surprises! Lots of ‘em…(I can’t tell you because they’re surprises, but I know you’ll love them!)


This is the program you have been waiting for.

You will learn and EXPERIENCE a new way of being so that you show up differently in your life and everything you desire will flow to you.

“Michelle has helped me become fully committed to a man. I’ve been in many long term relationships, but I didn’t’ feel any of them were “the one”, yet I continued to stay in those relationships for months or years longer, hoping that “the FEELING” would magically appear if I stayed with them. That was my wow. Michelle has helped me feel “THE FEELING” and become fully committed to a man where I wanted to marry him! That was a feat! I was also finally able to say “I love you” to a man for the first time in 14 years. You are a miracle worker, Michelle."


During this 12 week journey you will discover how to:

checkmark Awaken your sensual self by becoming more confident, attractive, and desirable
checkmark Discover who you are and what you really want in your business and in your relationships
checkmark Safely open your heart to intimacy on a deeper, richer level
checkmark Learn the skills to truly connect with your heart’s desire
checkmark Experience the possibility of having it all!
checkmark Find “your missing piece”  that will connect it all together and bring passion, pleasure, and possibility into your life.

It’s time to stop living with the same old mindset that keeps you stuck. If you have tried programs before and failed at your relationships---This time and this program is different. It’s what you have been waiting for.

I KNOW because I was there…Personally and professionally.

I know that when you move through pain and come out other side, you emerge more secure and confident. Only then, can you access that deeper part of your heart where love can penetrate.

That’s when you have it all. When you are so filled with LOVE that it comes through in everything you do.

Never again will you wonder why you just can’t get the LOVE piece right.

Join me and empower yourself with the necessary skills to have it all~ intimate relationships with men, your business and yourself.

I know you are ready now.

I am so certain this is going to be different that I am offering a guarantee.

If you are fully present and committed to making changes and this program does not move you towards your desired goal, I will give you one free month of private coaching with me (a value of $1500). That’s how confident I am in my program and in how I can help you.

Now that you have nothing to loose, what could possibly be stopping you?

$697 or 4 easy payments of $185 each!

P.S.  I am committed to making this one workshop one where you can experience pleasure, create passion in your life and grow in your possibility. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

P. P.S. Close your eyes and imagine six months from now...are you happy? Fulfilled? Living your life the way you want?

Don’t miss out. I am keeping this group small and intimate so that you can share and grow and get what you need ~ your passion, your pleasure and your possibility.

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