Individual Coaching:  One-on-one session to assess, discuss and work on dating, relationship, spiritual development  and life challenges.

Couples Coaching:  One-on-one session for singles that are dating, considering whether to be exclusive and questioning if they’ve found “The One”.   You will learn skills to manage your relationship problems. You will uncover your fears and overcome the obstacles to your happiness and relationship success.

Pre-Marital/Committed Companion Series:     
A structured educational program offered as a group for couples or one-on-one couple sessions.  You will create your Marriage or Relationship Vision. Clarify your individual roles and expectations.  Complete a personality profile and explore how your personalities may match or create frustration within the relationship and learn how to accept these differences. Complete a Relationship Test covering the crucial areas of a relationship to determine strengths and weakness.  Work through your weakness.  Learn Effective Communication Skills.  Identify the stages of a healthy relationship development to track your growth process. Skill Building tailored to each Couples needs: Anger Management, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Fight Fair Tools and Reconnection Skills, Empathy Building.  

Relationship Café social, educational gatherings: 

Served every 1st Tuesday of the month.

Singles Book Club: Meets twice a month

Host your own Relationship Cafe. 

The Relationship Specialist will come to your home, your group, or your organization and speak on a topic of your choosing. You may also choose from a list of previously given talks. Invite your friends or family for a Relationship Cafe gathering in the privacy of your own home.   Gather members of your group, colleagues from your organization and address matters of the heart that are specific to your  relationship needs.  

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