On-line Singles Sites:
These sites are great for the person who is just getting their feet wet in
the dating world. Your ego will soar from all the opportunities, you'll
get to search and correspond quickly and these sites are user friendly.
This is a great place to practice communicating with the opposite sex,
flirting and gathering information. Don't take it personally if you don't
meet "the one. Keep the attitude that this is a practicing ground.

Match.com: This site has Dr. Phil!

Yahoo.com: This site offers a basic personality profile.

This site is cool because you can see who has looked
at your profile, hotlisted you as a person of interest, see who as flirted
with you.

This site is more structured and has a great track record for helping people find "the one". They offer a thorough personality profile and send you only matches that are most compatible to you. You have steps to go through before you have an open forum to exchange personal emails so this
can slow down your process of meeting the person. But, you can show to fast track someone and should they accept your invitation ,you can start exchanging emails and photos right away. Worth the investment.

This site also has a personality profile and sends you
matches based on compatibility and it is alot less structured.

Speed Dating
These events are great for people who are ready for in-person practice opportunities. The beauty is you won't be stuck with any one person for more than eight minutes. I love these events because you find out right away if you have the initial chemistry with someone to decided to invest more of your time. Online dating sites don't offer this

Singles Mix & Mingle:
These are great social opportunities to mingle and meet some people, make a new single friend to go out with or attract some dating prospects. Just go out with the attitude "I'm here to have fun and if I meet someone in the process...BONUS!" Great place to practice my dating tips and overcoming fears about interacting with the opposite sex and being in the single scene.


Self-Help Information

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